The Amico Line stems from the desire to offer customers a product line in which the selection of raw materials used is central. In fact, the best cuts of European origin are used to meet the new national and international market requirements.

Certifed Supply Chain

In order to protect the interests of the end consumer, the F.lli Guerriero srl company guarantees the traceability of the supply chain through a precise and accurate system in accordance with ISO 22005:2007.

Traceability means the identification of the product during the process both inside and outside the factory, starting from the raw material and considering all the partial processes through which it has passed.

During cutting, traceability of the batch is maintained by applying a label (yuppo) to each carousel or frame where the meat is placed. This label contains the following information: cut, batch, date of slaughter. Identification then continues in the delicatessen by applying appropriate identification marks on the finished product containing all the information necessary to trace the meat back to its origin.

Good by nature, authentic by tradition.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment and waste of resources is a current problem and a global challenge. As of 2015, F.lli Guerriero sends its waste matrices to a newly developed biogas plant, which uses food waste to produce electricity.

In addition, we try to minimise water consumption by recovering part of the waste water and using it in production processes.

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