In the Triveneto (Trentino, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto), the butchery F.lli Guerriero in terms of volumes is perhaps the most important establishment. Over time, it has skilfully worked in the sector to the point of being an example for the entire sector of slaughtering at national level, thanks to the assiduous work and entrepreneurial spirit that has always distinguished the Guerriero family.

Quality and Respect

Over the years there have been many structural enlargements always in compliance with the principles of the company: quality of raw material, respect for the welfare of pigs, compliance with hygiene-standards health, the creation of good business procedures to optimize human and energy resources. Territoriality is also important; we like to think that the presence (at regional level) of an establishment such as ours, has made a decisive contribution to the preservation of the quality standards to which were linked the producers of pigs of the past, by rewarding quality and not quantity as is the case in almost all slaughterhouses.


Animal welfare is given a great importance in our company because only by respecting them we can obtain the best meat. Every stage of processing is treated in the best way to enhance as much as possible the processed products. The rate of slaughter is mild (120 pigs per hour) with a short processing chain; this allows shortened slaughter times, improving the organoleptic characteristics, maturation and preservation of the meat. This result obviously also influences the dough used for our cold cuts, managing to obtain an excellent quality. The staff employed in the slaughterhouse is divided into specific positions in the production process. The role of the quality control staff is also fundamental, which inspects every stage of the work, paying great attention to the most delicate phases. During the slaughter, procedures have been tested to promptly resolve any anomaly in order to guarantee the wholesomeness of our products to all customers.


In our factory, a great deal of importance is attached to the cooling of meat, since high quality cannot be separated from adequate cooling. The perfectly cooled meat maintains its freshness longer and allows it to ripen (soften) perfectly. In addition to technologically advanced refrigeration systems, the meat must be hung or stored in frames in the right quantity and without contact with each other, so as to allow the cold air to pass properly. Also important is the maintenance aspect of the plants that are systematically checked in order to prevent any malfunction or breakage to ensure also the final consumer.


Transports are carried out almost entirely with their own vehicles, by employees perfectly trained, always giving maximum attention to the welfare of the animals. The transport of live pigs takes place with limited journey times given the proximity of the farms; this greatly reduces the stress caused by the movement. Our staff attend specific courses on animal welfare. They pay the utmost attention to loading times, surfaces, their slipperiness and the presence of crevices and protrusions that could create danger. During the journey from the farm to our farm, the pigs are not stored and in the vehicles there is a ventilation and watering system.


In the dispatch of fresh meat, the utmost care is taken to maintain the cold chain. The meat, in fact, after being cooled in the factory, are kept at a constant temperature for the control of the bacterial load. The vehicles after each journey are strictly cleaned and disinfected.