F.lli Guerriero Srl of Villafranca Padovana (PD) deals with
the slaughtering and processing of pork since 1989.
An adventure linked to a family and its vision that combines the Venetian gastronomic tradition with innovation, careful to animal welfare and to the consumption of resources.
In order to increase its production capacity in 2021,
the Guerriero family decided to expand its sausage factory, specializing in the preparation of cooked products such as ham and mortadella. Also in 2021 a new clean room was created for the slicing of Amor Del Territorio products.

Dop Ham

Guerriero’s family boasts more than 40 years of experience and activity in pork meat processing, starting from the careful selection of our raw materials, throughout the entire supply chain.

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Typical flavour, with an enveloping sweet fragrance. Characterized by a jubilation of aromas and savours. Tasty, enjoyable and appetizing. Strong taste and palatability par excellence.

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Pre-sliced Lines

In order to increase its production capacity, in 2021 the Guerriero family decided to realise a new clean room with air-conditioning facilities (air flow of 6000 mc/h) for the production of the pre-sliced lines.

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Find out where we are in the world

From 2019 we started to look out of Italy to bring our flavors and typical products to the world and cheer everyone with good food.