Mortadella Deliziosa

At the F.lli Guerriero Srl Salumificio, only top quality ingredients are used in the production of Mortadella Deliziosa. Natural ingredients that enhance its flavour and its recognizable uniqueness. Our Mortadella Deliziosa is made with Italian swine from the supply chain. It has an intense pink colour with a unique texture and consistency thanks to the use of the finest cuts, like pork shoulder and jowl. The diced jowl coexist perfectly with the deep velvety pink of the lean portion, and the slow-gradual cooking makes the texture fleshy, not greasy or floury. Characterized by its delicacy, and its meatiness that brings to life an explosion of flavours.

CONFEZIONAMENTO: Intero: sottovuoto,  Affettato: ATP

PEZZATURA: Metà: C.240 – 13 Kg / C.180 – 7 Kg, Intera: 700 g, Affettato: 120 g