Sopressa Veneta

The soppressa veneta has a strong taste, but at the same time balanced and embracing, that remind the venetian tradition, to which our company is loyal. It is made of low-fat part such as: coppa, loin, shoulder and thigh; and from a fat part such as the pancetta. To the dough salt and a small quantity of spices and natural aromas are added to enhance the taste, without alter the flavour and the healthiness. It is available with garlic too. Milk derivatives and gluten sources are not used to maintain a great genuineness. 

Aging: 60 - 90 days

Gut: natural

Aged weight: 1,5 kg– 2 kg

Sizing:      Total               Half                               

                 1 ,5– 2 kg      0,75 – 1 kg          

Packaging: loose or micro perforated