Sopressa Veneta

Our sopressas are produced by pigs born and bred in Italy and butchered in our company. Our sopressas are distinguished by their thinness and their delicate and enveloping taste. They combine to a high nutritional value a high digestibility due to the transformation they undergo during the slow maturing process that makes them palatable and tasty as well as easily assimilated.

The venetian sopressa has a strong, balanced taste and an enveloping flavour that recalls the regional tradition, a very important aspect for our company. It is composed of a lean part, in which are used meats such as the coppa, the loin, the shoulder and the thigh and a fat part represented by the bacon.

Aging: 60 - 90 days

Gut: natural

Aged weight: 1,5 kg– 2 kg

Sizing:      Total               Half                               

                 1 ,5– 2 kg      0,75 – 1 kg          

Packaging: loose or micro perforated