The big range of products made in our butchery and in our salumificio are sold in the shop, that is next door to the salumificio. Here there are cold cuts and meats of absolute excellence, thanks to the proximity with both the butchery and the salumificio. The service is given by our cordial and prepared employees, who are always ready to suggest new recipes and new ways to prepare tasty and different dishes. The prices here are really convenient, you can find a big choice of fresh products with low costs. So here you find both the convenience and the quality. You can be sure of the origin, because all the things we sell are product in our company, and thanks to a traceability system checked thousand times, we can be sure of the farms where our meats came from, being sure of their healthiness. Just to remind, we don’t use allergens, such as derived from milk and gluten, colorants and chemical additives.