All the different kind of sausages we produce are fresh, pink meat coloured, with a typical fragrance and a unique taste. From the basic dough, thanks to the acquired experience, we realize lots of varieties both for the dough composition and for the shape. The dough is made of fresh national pork meat butchered in our company, specifically shoulder and pancetta with the addition of small quantities of salt and spices to enhance the taste, without alter the flavour and the healthiness. In this way we obtain a not too much fat product made of thin grain. Milk derivatives and gluten sources are not used to maintain a great genuineness. 

Produced by the mixture of the sausage, it diff ers from the latter by the small diameter, and an higher leanness. 

We can also produce smoked salamella. How to give an alternative flavour to the classic sausage if not by smoking it?

Gut: natural

Bowl weight: 250 g - 2,5 kg

Packaging: loose, vacuum-sealed or in ATP bowl