Prosciutto Crudo Parma

Prosciutto di Parma is famous all over the world and it is distinguished not only for its nutritional characteristics (the only ingredients are pork and salt, without additives or preservatives) but also for the "corona", the brand that is burned only on the original ones.

Our pigs have a great homogeneity, thank to the farmers loyalty, who feed the animals with a precise diet and made them live healthy. Thank to this characteristic all the thighs reach the same fat level, that allows us to dose salt in the right scientific quantities. This is a fundamental process to obtain not too much salty but sweet hams.

Aging: 16 – 24 months in Parma

Weight with bone: 8 kg – 12 kg

Deboned weight:        Total                 Half                 

                                     6 - 10 kg            3 – 5 kg                

Packaging: loose with bone or vacuum-sealed deboned