Our Family

Our company is about butchery and production of pork meat. It was founded by Giuseppe and Bernardina in the 1989, even if the experience in the livestock farming, in the butchery and in the production of cold cuts started many years before. At the beginning Mr. Giuseppe ran a little farm of heavy pork with his wife’s help. In the winter time he used to give a complete service to his costumers butchering his own animals and producing with them different type of cold cuts of the Venetian tradition.

Seen the growing success they decided to invest in the butchery branch and, after some upgrades, our company reached 3000 heads butchered weekly.


The company was born as a family business and it still preserve its main characteristics. Consideration of the animal’s welfare, absolute quality research, reliability, honesty and accuracy are Guerriero’s core value.

Labour has always been a key value for us, since the early morning to the late evening the three associates give the example to all the employee of passion and dedication with their presence.