Maialino cotto al forno

Our maialino cooked in the oven was born with the company founder and day after day it is still improving, both for the kind and quantities of spices, and for the cooking timing and methods. From a deboned maialino, of a weight chosen by the costumer, salt, pepper and a small quantity of natural spices are added. After being tied it is cooked for different hours in a specific oven. This product is a great choice for every event such as dinner with friends, birthdays, parties etc. Preservative, milk derivatives and gluten sources are not used to maintain a great genuineness. 

Cooked weight: 15 – 40 kg

Sizing:                 Total                 Half                    Slice    

                          15 - 40 kg         5 - 20 kg          min 500 g

Packaging: loose or vacuum-sealed