Throughout the triveneto our butchery F.lli Guerriero is one of the most important and maybe the biggest one. 


In all these years it has been working wisely and skillfully becoming an example for all the butchery sector in Italy; this thanks to a diligent and determined effort and to the entrepreneurial spirt that has always stand out in the Guerriero’s. 


There have been done different upgrades in structure and in products always following the respect of the company principles: the quality of the raw materials, the respect of the wealth of the animals, the esteem of the hygienical and sanitary rules, the creation of valid process in order to optimize the human and energetic resources. 


It’s important to highlight the territoriality of our products; we do like thinking that the presence of our butchery in the north-east contributed to conserve the quality standard of the past pork producers, rewarding the quality and not the quantity as it happen in the others butchery.