In our company a big relevance is given to the wellness of the animals because only respecting them it’s possible to obtain better meats. Every phase of the production is treated with the biggest attention to enhance the quality of the products as much as possible.

The rhythm of the butchery is slow (120 pork/h), with a short production line; this makes possible shorter butchery times, improving the organoleptic characteristics, the hanging, and the conservation of the meat. This result obviously influences also the dough used for our cold cuts, coming out with an excellent quality. The employees who work in the butchery department are divided in specific positions of the productive process. Fundamental is the role quality control responsible, who analyze every phase of the production giving a biggest attention to the tricky ones. All through the time have been checked procedures in the butchery to solve quickly every anomaly in order to guarantee the healthiness of our products to all the customers.